KIRT x THOMSEN is a visual R&D consultancy offering conceptualization, co-creation and visualization applied in R&D processes.

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We visualize your ideas and challenges, whether it is a new industrial product, an innovative logistics system or a complex information system.



Projects Starts

We apply visualization as a continuous service throughout a R&D process



Project Development

Centered around our service of visual support throughout the R&D process, we take the role as project managers.



Selling Project

Visualization means better decision-making, as the visualization bring down the complexity of the subject, and allows for better knowledge sharing.



"It is always complex to communicate Research and Development work to management and colleagues not involved directly. When the technology development strategy for Wind Power in DONG Energy should be reviewed, approved and communicated, we decided to do it in a slightly new way. Instead of writing and writing, we asked KIRT THOMSEN to illustrate some of five of our typical projects and in a cartoon style with combination of drawings and text, the rather technical and complex story was all of a sudden to be understood by all. So the tricky questions on what is it, how does it work, what value does it bring etc. were answered in these A3 posters that were appendixes to the technology development strategy. Never has appendixes got so much attention!"

Christina Aabo
Head of R&D / Wind Power / DONG Energy


Selected list of clients within the area of cleantech R&D - wind turbines, PV (Solar), wave energy, smartgrid, and electrical vehicles