A shared language for Smart Energy

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Creating a shared language for smart energy – to accelerate green transition


Energy technologies are complex by nature. Acronyms and jargon dominate the how we talk about Smart Energy. These are hard for many to understand and therefore realise what smart energy is all about. For this reason, it is important to create a shared language amongst stakeholders, internally and externally. For all the players like heat, power, water, transmission, distribution, sensors, municipalities, universities.
All these use their own lingo that not all understand.

Join us on 25 May when we will be highlighting and discussing the importance of creating a shared language amongst stakeholders – in Smart Energy.

This CHARGE Copenhagen event will be an open forum having 5 speakers, with angles on the subject from municipality to energy utility to industry to designer to branding expert.

Organised by CHARGE Energy Branding and KIRT x THOMSEN


The objective of CHARGE is to serve as a game-changing event for the electricity space. Now that the utility market has shifted from monopoly position to competition, consumers have added influence. The customer can no longer be treated as a measuring instrument, but as an individual having diverse needs and wants who requires a sound reason for preferring one energy offering to another.
The consumer still needs to connect to a socket for electricity; however, the energy companies need to connect to the individual mind of the consumer for a better understanding of his preferences to create a lasting relationship. The relationships should be based on the consumers’ engagement where they are given a valid reason to care. In the broad scheme of things, there is a lack of communication. This applies to communication from energy retailers to their consumers (B2C) but also to B2B markets, distribution and transmission. Furthermore, this applies to the energy industry as a whole and its dialogue with various stakeholders including governments, municipalities and regulators. CHARGE seeks to encourage communication to all his parties whereby the communication is channelled through branding.


To change the mindset of the industry,so they can connect better with their customers. (to offer better service.)


To create a unique space of dialogue and reflection on marketing and branding for the energy sector. To built a platform of forward thinking solutions for the energy sector.
A hub for new ideas.


  • Innovation

  • Sharing

  • Optimism

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