Our Vision

Drive Technology Change by Design.

Established in early 2011 by Mads & Rune

Established in early 2011 by Mads & Rune

Rune Kirt and Mads Thomsen started working together at Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008. Collaborating on their thesis project, the KNARR Cargo Airship, they graduated with honours, and were both hired into Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Following further development of the concept internally in Vestas, they worked at different R&D sections on developing practical solutions as well as development of future blue sky concepts.

KIRT x THOMSEN was established in early 2011, and has grown, matured and evolved ever since. At this point KIRT x THOMSEN established recognized presence within the wind industry and successfully co-developed on projects in the markets of wave energy, electric vehicles, smart grid and in collaboration public research institutions. 

We look forward to more challenges! 




Mads Thomsen

has since childhood been passionate about future technology, ancient ruins and alien architecture. His passion translates into profession with an unmatched ability to create visualizations based on visions. He has always done so!
What drives Mads work is the process of co-development on projects that combined challenges the future and his passion for complex forms.


Rune Kirt

is a dad to two beautiful small girls and an avid mountain-bike enthusiast. His passion in mountain biking is a big influence on his work and creativity - having a mindset of constantly thinking different and creating and changing your surroundings to make happier people though creativity and aesthetics. Aside from being the CEO of KIRT x THOMSEN, Rune is an advisory board member of Design School Kolding and part of the expert panel of CHARGE Energy Awards.