CASE: Designing a complex model

Design of ‘The Competitiveness Amplification Model’


CLEAN is Denmark's leading green cluster organisation with more than 170 members from the entire cleantech sector. Focus on strengthening innovation and technology development and supporting research, development and implementation of new green solutions that address climate and environmental challenges.


CLEAN engaged us in the final month of their 3-years development project ‘Complex Cleantech Solutions – Amplifying the Competitiveness of Danish Business’. Specifically, CLEAN requested facilitation of a design of the project report’s innovation model, ‘The Competitiveness Amplification Model’. At this stage most of the report was finalized and CLEAN had formed an idea of the model’s different elements. However, CLEAN was concerned with the model being too technical and complex to understand for the coming diversified users of the model. CLEAN expressed a wish for us to create a new visual model containing the already identified main elements. The goal was to create a model, which would work as a graphic illustration in a published report as well as an elaborated 3D model to be integrated in a video about the project. Our primary objective was to create a simplified graphic, incorporating the complex mechanisms included in the model in a way that would be accessible and understandable to all stakeholders. To reach this objective, we aimed to provide an overview of the model’s core elements and key drivers.


A very good and close cooperation with CLEAN created a productive flow and continuous dialogue throughout projects. At the outset of our involvement in this project, CLEAN presented initial sketches and contents from the report, from which we drew potential outlines and, after a meeting to determine the best possible direction to take, we developed the final model for the report. Along the 2D development of model for print, we created a 3D version of the model matching the printed 2D version to be incorporated in a video introducing the innovation model seeing from the stakeholders point of view, of which we were responsible for the production design as well. The innovation model was designed so that its elements and key drivers would be accessible in various formats and comprehensible to all stakeholders.

- Infographics of innovation model as 2D
- Video production design
- Creation and animation of 3D model

“CLEAN has been very satisfied with the cooperation with KIRTxTHOMSEN. Their team is professional, detail-oriented and easy to communicate with. We needed a graphic illustration and 3D animation of an innovation model based on a few rough outlines and a lot of complex knowledge. The end result has surpassed all expectations and we have been very pleased with our dialogue with KIRTxTHOMSEN throughout the entire process. They have managed to make a complex model commonly understandable, which is priceless to us and our future work of incorporating the new model."

Mie Philipsen Glimberg
Communications Manager
CLEAN Cluster



Design of ‘The Competitiveness Amplification Model’


Smart energy


Concept visualization
3D animation

Infographics for report
Information video