CASE: Micro Taxi

Conceptualizing, visualization and communicating an Electric Micro Taxi


With the average speed in London at 14 km/h and 21 km/h in Copenhagen, the microcar concept is the optimal solution with its top speed at 45 km/h when it comes to city transportation. The microcar concept forms its own niche, with being a sustainable low cost electric vehicle as an on demand carpooling, that share similarities with car sharing and taxis only being more affordable.


In 2014 SPIRI (DRIVR) engaged us in the beginning of their research/concept, stage to help conceptualize a new transportation form. From brainstorming futuristic ideas to an actual durable concept, that could be visualized and used as a proposal for future investors and collaborators. Along with creating the concept proposal, we had to gather requirements and specifications, designing the shape of the microcar, and clarify the fundamental principles of the new car.

In the 21st century big cities experience traffic congestion as an increasing problem, together with the lack of space, increasing population and density which leads to higher pollution and co2 emissions, and therefore lower the cities’ liveability. This means a higher demand in more environmentally friendly passenger transportation and mobility opportunities. This creates a demand for a new ‘on demand’ personal transportation form, suitable for the city scene similar to the taxi concept.


Knowing the new transportation form had to be an electrical vehicle, low cost and an easy accessible transportation, we helped concept developing and visually designing a concept proposal to a new personal transportation form, with the same possibilities as a taxi. The microcar concept had to contain environmentally aspects, as well as being designed in a more affordable matter, while maintaining perfect handling, minimal room for legs, battery range and safety. By optimizing the start-up phase to an actual concept proposal we made it possible for SPIRI (DRIVR), to bring a new communication process and tools to their working platform in terms of communicating their concept to potential investors and partners.

“I engaged KIRT x THOMSEN because they don't have any ties to the established car industry. I found their product designs and takes on various industries highly creative and some even ingenious. I needed someone with passion for electric transport, but that wasn't coloured by the old ways of designing electric vehicles. I pitched our vision and need for a light electric vehicle, that would fit within certain legislative limitations. The final Spiri vehicle will be quite different. But their creativity and passion, helped me attracted the needed senior automotive talent to Copenhagen, to help develop the concept and vehicle. Today we have the former CPO of Tesla on the board!”

Søren Halskov Nissen
Spiri Co-founder & Board member


Conceptualizing, visualization and communicating an Electric Micro Taxi




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