WEPTOS is developing a new type of wave energy converter. The concept behind this machine is invented by designer and engineer Tommy Larsen in 2007 and has produced significant test results at ever since. Today, Weptos have their own research and development center in Fredericia, Denmark, and is in full motion with testing and improvements of the machine and concept.


Make the technically complex concept comprehensible to investors and other stakeholders.

Having worked on the project full time for several years it is a great challenge for anyone to organizing the massive knowledge generated and tell the story in short about a technical complex concept.
Several days of meeting with the developer at the Weptos R&D center followed by a series of iterations enabled us a full understanding of the complex concept.

These continuous feedback loops in the process of making the visual material enabled us to tell the story exactly as Weptos wanted.


- 3D animation; a short (public) and long (confidental)
- Infographics for keynote presentations
- Booklet

Value created

- Creating an immediate understanding in 3 minutes of the complex concept among investors
- Essential tool in bringing down the investment risk
- French investors have joined the project



Visualisation of 4 different user cases involving the concept of smart energy developed at EnergyLab Nordhavn

EnergyLab Nordhavn

Smart energy


Visual communication
Concept visualization

Infographic boards
Facilitating workshops