CLIENT: EUDP & Bladena

Tools for partners to cooperate.


How do you get phd engineers, technicians and energy utilities to work together and understand highly complex and technical issues on damages to blades? We teamed up with Bladena and 17 other partners to create a shared, visual knowledge language, which in a short time enabled all partners to understand each other. This made it possible already from the beginning of the project to have an aligned and common reference shared among the partners.


The LEX project, a 3 years project which is focusing on developing and demonstrating cost efficient solutions to the stiffening of wind turbine blades, consist of a broad team of partners from different parts of the value chain. They need to be able to have a common reference and understanding of turbine blades from the beginning of the project.

The RATZ project, a 3 years ongoing project which is focusing on preventing catastrophic failures on wind turbine blades, brought us in to further develop the visual communications tool we made in the LEX project. A new project which required additional shared knowledge.


·         Visual project management tool
·         Visual communications package (3D printed models, illustrations)
·         Visual handbook with terms and definitions

The result was an optimizing of the project management through an improved overview. This was created early in the project. It also created a new and aligned understanding amongst the 18 partners, and created a common reference language.

The development of the LEX project Handbook with terms and definition presented in a visual context, created an easy and quick way of understanding the complexity of the technology and concepts involved in wind turbine blades.

The RATZ project build upon the experience from the LEX project, and we further developed the handbook to a RATZ Handbook with additional terms and definitions.

This handbook gives the different partners involved in wind turbine construction a powerful tool to easy and fast understand the shared knowledge reference and thereby speeding up the project management already from early in the process.

"It is a huge challenge to handle a 3-year project with 18 partners. KIRT x THOMSEN has optimized the whole development proces by creating a shared understanding for both the technicians and the energy utilities, as well as the PhD engineers – already from the very early beginning of the project! The visuaizations are much more than nice drawings for communicarion, it is an irreplaceable strategic steering tool, highly needed in every R&D projects of complex nature.”

Find Mølholt Jensen
Chief Technology Officer, PhD / Bladena


Note on Bladena:

Bladena is the leading expert in the structural blade enhancement technologies for wind turbine generators in the industry. They have a strong academic and practical background and have offices and partners in Denmark, Canada and Spain.


Tools for partners to cooperate.

EUDP & Bladena

Wind turbine blades


Visual communication
Concept clarification
Knowledge sharing

Visual management tool
3D models
Handbook which functions as a visual dictionary


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