CLIENT: European Energy

Conceptualizing, visualization and communicating the design, outline and need for an energy storage park from a technical point of view.


The system reduces the costs of integrating wind and solar power in the electricity grid, and European Energy expect it to play a major role in the global fight against climate change. It will be a competitive solution in nearly all-coastal district heated or cooled cities. EE GigaStorage stores energy from wind turbines and solar PV boosted as well as surplus heat over an entire season. It is CO2 neutral, cheap and based on proven technological solutions. 


European Energy has engaged us in a long-term developing project in establishing energy storage, EE GigaStorage that currently is in the upstarting phase where communication, both externally and internally is important in creating PR promotion to potential clients and project partners within the relevant industry. 

Our role in this project has been to establish and conceptualize how the energy storage park should look and function in the best possible way simultaneously with communicating the importance and need of an energy storage park with a technical view. 

Photo-realism is important in communicating complex project in a comprehensible manner but it has to be in a simple and effective approach. 


Our product deliverance has been divided in two:

The first product deliverance consisted of a precise animation video meant as a teaser where you see the overview of the energy storage park in a specific context. We also delivered Gif’s that enhances and focus on the social advantages together with images that gives a snapshot and insight of an upcoming process without revealing significant details. 

The second deliverance contained extended technique: Extended animation explaining how the park functions together with the energy flow and relation to the city with heat and electricity. Furthermore with a focus on the cut surface and visualize what happens under the water surface. This animation focuses more on the technical aspect addressing potential clients and partners from the clean-tech industry. 

EE GigaStorage is a large scale energy storage facility enabling cheap seasonal storage of wind and solar energy. The concept is highly innovative and we invited KIRT x THOMSEN to visualize the concept and some of the many advantages in a short 3D film. The film has been very successful in giving stakeholders and potential customers a very real-life impression of EE GigaStorage. We were impressed by the technological knowledge and the architectonic skills of KIRT x THOMSEN, and we would definitely recommend them to any innovative green tech company. On top of that, they are very good company.

Anna Riis Hedegaard
Communications and public affairs manager // European Energy



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